Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Michael & Melvi Pinto

Mr. Saluja recently acted as our agent in the sale of our home – and we also purchased our dream home with this assistance. He is extremely professional, knows and understands the market and provided invaluable insights. Without his help, I know we would be hard-pressed in achieving the same results.

By: Harish & Baljeet Hingorani

…the experience at each phased of the sales effort was superior. Such as: due dillgence & useful insights on pre-listing, innovative efforts in developing prospects, renovations/staging, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. We worked the game plan together, and he gave wise counsel along the way. We did some judicious updating, tweaked the plan as we went along and ultimately we hit my goals. Throughout the process Gurdip was always patient and also managed our expectations well. Most importantly, we sold out home for more than my expectation.

By: Srihari Mulukunte & Manjula Holalgunda

Prior to the sale of our old home, Gurdip Saluja advised us in planning the upgrade of our old home to get a better price and enhance its marketability. He had an interior designer give us tips to stage our home to appeal to potential buyers and facilitate a quick sale. He organized a few Open Houses and used to follow up with buyers’ agents on a regular basis. His astute real estate market knowledge and market acumen helped us in fixing the correct price for our home and we got within 2 % of the asking price. His vast experience and tips were of immense help during the smooth sale and closing of our old home and clearly demonstrated his skill as a Seller’s agent.

By: Marco & Carmen Lugo

This was our first experience selling a house and the learning and knowledge we gained with Gurdip is priceless; he has no trace of selfishness in sharing his knowledge and huge expertise with his customers. His capacities and skills as a negotiator during the review and discussions of the offers us an excellent impression and confirmed to us why and how we got the results

By: John & Judy Cockburn

Gurdip knew we were first time buyers and quite unfamiliar with the timelines as to what we needed to do once we had finalized the deal. He always took the initiative and contacted us to provide reminders when certain things needed to happen. He was so helpful that when it came to pick up the keys for the house – he offered to pick them up for us in case it was difficult to get off early from work. Thanks to Gurdip – what we wanted we always got!

By: Kaukab Farooq & Muhammad Khan

His knowledge of market is amazing. He understands the client’s needs really well by keeping everything in perspective for the client for past and future needs. He is very skillful and master in his trade; he would make the appointments for the listings as soon as the property hits the market while keeping the clients schedule intact. He is extremely flexible and very patient person who really listens and understands clients’ needs and presents the best possible solution from every perspective. He is tactful when it comes to negotiations and he really presents and provides a fair deal to his clients.